Speaking of Pigeons…


Every so often a pair of white doves visits my neighborhood.

In the past, I’ve been lucky enough to see a fleeting glimpse of one before it spirits away.  But never have I seen the two doves together for any length of time.

One day this week, I happened out and there they were, on the bright green Florida grass, looking amazingly beautiful. (Perhaps next time they’ll both hang around and pose as a pair – that’s the stuff of dreams!)

cropped view

I watched them for a moment, thrilled, frozen. Then, quietly, I ran indoors for my camera.  When I returned, only one of the pair remained.  But, I was grateful!

And then, when I processed the photos, I noticed the bird was banded around both legs.  I googled “Banded white dove” and boy-oh-boy – I had no idea there was such an interest in pigeons! (Note: white doves are considered pigeons, the name is synonymous.)


There are hundreds of Pigeon clubs in the US, and all over the world. Who knew?!


Considered harbingers of peace, love, good tidings, etc, doves are also a big business!

This beauty is likely a homing pigeon or messenger pigeon, owned by a pigeon aficionado. Pigeons mate for life and I have a feeling this bird stayed on the roof only long enough to scope out where his/her mate flew.


For more information, here’s a link to the American Racing Pigeon Union – USA:  http://www.pigeon.org